Reverse Mortgages

1st Constitution Bank Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages can be costly –

Reverse mortgages can be costlywreg.comLAMAR, Miss. — What's promoted as an easy way to get cash out of your home, may not be as simple as you think. The On Your Side Investigators have a warning about reverse mortgages. It's hard to miss the pitches. Older celebrities like Henry Winkler …

Airbnb might finance retirement, Bank of America's Merrill Lynch tells clients (Biz Journal)

Retired boomers might be hosting house guests to make ends meet in retirement. At least that's a prediction from Ken Dychtwald, an expert on aging who spoke to a Merrill Lynch client gathering in San Francisco this week. Dychtwald says just two years ago he would have predicted that boomers would turn to reverse mortgages to tap the substantial equity locked in their homes. But Bank of America, (NYSE: BAC) Wells Fargo (NSYE: WFC) and other major players have exited the reverse-mortgage business,…

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